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Joanne Holland

Senior Vice President, McKinsey & Company

Transformational leader that has rebuilt under-performing businesses driving them to profitability and growth. Experienced CEO, Non- Executive Director and Advisor– 30 companies in 5 different market sectors.

  • Significant experience in cultural change and business process improvement.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead teams and create an organisational culture that engenders commitment, loyalty and a bias for results.
  • Proven ability to communicate to a wide range of stakeholders – Banks, Customers, Investors and Suppliers.
  • Multi sector experience including Financial Services, IT, Manufacturing, Education and services. 
  • Significant post-acquisition integration experience with track record in achieving synergy objectives.
  • Experienced in debt restructuring and negotiation resulting in successful refinancing.
  • International network and experience working in organisations in 15 countries

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