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Lisa Wood

Praetura Commercial Finance

Lisa is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Praetura Commercial Finance company, one of the leading independent commercial finance companies in the North West known for their ‘more than money’ approach to supporting UK SMEs and entrepreneurs. She has a wealth of knowledge and depth of understanding of both credit & risk management. At Praetura Commercial Finance, Lisa is responsible for driving the strategic direction of the business and it’s overarching risk principals, working closely with the origination and operations team in structuring and managing transactions in the asset based lending market. Prior to Co-Founding Praetura Commercial Finance, Lisa was the deputy Managing Director of Shawbrook Business Credit. Her previous leadership roles also include Chief Credit Officer at Shawbrook Business Credit and Centric Commercial Finance, Head of underwriting & audit at GE Commercial Finance, other roles at NMB Heller, Bank of Scotland and Lloyds International Factors.