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Mark Gregory

Chief Economist at EY

Mark Gregory is the Chief Economist at EY in the UK & Ireland providing knowledge, analysis and insight to help businesses understand the economic environments in which they operate. He is a business economist with over 25 years’ experience in more than 40 countries as an advisor to the Governments and industry on economics, policy and regulation. This includes working with the Governments of Argentina and the World Bank to develop solutions to the debt and economic crisis in 1989 and 1990.


Mark is the sponsoring partner for EY’s Economics for Business Programme and EY ITEM Club, the UK’s leading independent economic forecast. Mark works with both the private and public sectors, supporting economic development, growth and regeneration. Mark is a key contributor to EY’s economic offering across the globe. 


Prior to Mark’s Chief Economist role at EY, he was Global Head of Strategy & Business Development for Wireless at IBM and worked with clients to understand the implications of economic and market developments for their business models, cost structures and processes. Mark holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in Business Economics.

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