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Neil Young

Captain (ret’d) Neil Young The Parachute Regiment

Neil spent six years in the army and served with 2 PARA in Berlin and Northern Ireland. In August 1979, Neil was lucky to survive two massive IRA bombs at Warrenpoint, which killed 18 of his comrades.​

A few years after leaving the army, Neil founded one of the world’s leading specialist kidnap and extortion response consultancies. He has worked on response cases, training tasks and consulting projects all over the world. He now serves as a senior advisor to two international business and risk management consultancies.​

Neil hasn’t lost his love for adrenalin and spends much of his spare time on his BMW motorbike. Now he has completed the small task of rowing the Atlantic, he is considering riding to China or perhaps from Patagonia to Alaska.​

Neil is married to Jill. They have two sons, a four-year-old granddaughter and a new born grandson.