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Manolete Partners Plc

We have completed investments in over 390 specialist insolvency cases and are known for our expert knowledge of the Insolvency and Recovery sector. Manolete has built up a strong UK network of in-house lawyers based in Birmingham, Bristol, Southampton, Norwich, Manchester, London and Edinburgh. We work alongside IPs from all of the “Big Four” through to one and two partner specialist practices in the regions. Case values range from £20k to £70m.


Manolete is listed on the London Stock Exchange and has the significant financial strength to support all claims. Manolete finances the work of the IP and their lawyers to make optimal recoveries for creditor estates and takes on all the risk. Whether funding the IP or taking an assignment of the claim, Manolete pay significant initial consideration (non-refundable) into the Insolvent Estate (to help cover historic unpaid WIP) plus a 50%-90% share of the net proceeds of the case. A full Adverse Costs indemnity, in event the case fails, is provided for free as part of the standard Manolete package. The IPs always choose the solicitor teams they wish to work on the cases – even when those have been assigned to Manolete. The IP is always kept fully informed, and involved as much as they wish, as the case progresses. The legal team are paid as costs are incurred, they are never asked to work on a contingent basis.


Steven Cooklin

0203 859 3490 | 07900 985 559


Roger Dugan

Associate Director Midlands
07792 468470