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In July and August NextGen Manchester will be hosting two monthly rounds of coffee roulette.

Given the summer holiday period we are all busy counting down the days to our holidays and out enjoying the sunshine (hopefully!).

So…what better way to squeeze in some BD time then coffee roulette!

What is coffee roulette?

You will be invited to sign up via the links below to be paired with another person from our NextGen Manchester network for coffee in either July or August. If you would like to be paired in both July and August please sign up on the event sign up for both months.

You will then be matched with another contact in the NextGen Manchester network for coffee and you can then both arrange a time which is convenient for you to meet in the month[s] you’ve selected.

You will be emailed in early July and/or August with the contact details of your coffee roulette match.


By signing up to take part in coffee roulette you agree that the TMA may share your relevant contact details, name and place of work with your coffee roulette match. 

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