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TMA UK are coming of age…. and we would be delighted if you could join us in our celebrations!

From the early beginnings back in 2001, where the initial conversations took place to form TMA UK, to turning 21 in this year…. how TMA UK have grown!  It’s been a long journey from the inaugural conference in Peterborough, back in September 2001, to now celebrating 21 years in September 2022.

Early meetings were social affairs in a pub in London; we now host events in most of the major cities in the UK and have launched nextGen and NOW (network of women).  Furthermore, the TMA UK annual conference has sold out 6 years running and is rated one of the best conferences in the events calendar.

TMA UK has gone from strength to strength thanks to the great leaders who have taken on the role of TMA UK President.  The past presidents are Graham Moffitt, Tony Groom, Chris Burford, Alan Tilley, Andy Meehan, Tyrone Courtman, Bryan Green, Chris Hart, Adam Plainer, Andrew Pepper, Peter Stevens and our current President is Paul Davies.

At TMA UK’s inception, the 21st Century was off to a strong start: from Bluetooth technology to Facebook to the iPhone – some of today’s most popular products and services.

The new millennium not only marked a new era, but also major shifts in our culture. In 2001, Steve Jobs took the stage at Macworld, San Francisco, to unveil the Apple product that would change people’s lives forever: the iPhone.  Online services such as YouTube and Facebook went online, and today both are used by billions of users.

Also during this time, the Blu-ray disc was launched, the Wii was released, and Android-powered smartphones appeared alongside the iPhone.

TMA UK are extremely grateful for all the support that its members and sponsors have provided over the years.  This has created long lasting relationships, friendships, and tremendous support, without which TMA UK would not have grown in the way it has over the last 21 years.

As we all know, TMA is a truly global, member-centric organisation with almost 10,000 members worldwide; connecting with TMA Europe makes us #bettertogether!

Guests can book individual places, or a half table of 4, or a full table of 8. The cost per person is £175.00 which includes drinks upon arrival, three course menu, wine, tea and coffee served with petit fours.

Venue: Royal Institute of British Architecture, 66 Portland Place, London W1B 1AD

Dress code: Black tie!



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