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How to uncover your cyber risks, quickly

Posted: 07 Jan, 2019

Cyber security is a core concern in today’s business world, arguably in the top three risks faced. Whether a big or small company, indiscriminate of industry, one encounters endless stories of businesses falling prey to cyber crime in its various guises. The losses can seem modest in some cases, a few thousand pounds, whereas in others they have run into the tens of millions. When we have seen bodies like the National Health Service (NHS) crippled by a cyber attack, one could be forgiven for thinking the problem is beyond what most businesses can cope with.


The problem is quite simple, most businesses think that cyber security is too big, too complex and, above all, too expensive to deal with. This is simply not true, by taking sensible measures early on, you can uncover the true risk faced both within your own business or across any acquisitions your company might be making. To address this problem, ReSolve Cyber spoke with numerous companies who regularly carry the risk of making acquisitions of other businesses.


What was clear from these conversations was that while most businesses know of cyber crime and are fearful of its occurrence, they lacked a way of confidently assessing what cyber risk they may be taking on with an acquisition. There is no viable product to assist with due diligence in regards to cyber security; this is where the ReSolve Cyber Rapid Cyber Maturity Assessment, the “Rapide”, comes in.


The Rapide is designed based on the UK Government’s own advice out of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to help in the early stages of due diligence in uncovering the level of cyber security risk a company is likely to be carrying. To carry out the Rapide, we have a simple telephone conversation with the client in question, running through 30 questions that comprehensively cover the Government’s advice for ensuring minimum cyber security safeguards. Very shortly thereafter, a graphical report is produced illustrating the areas where that company may be carrying risk; this includes a series of suggested actions to remediate any shortcomings.


The Rapide is highly accessible, charged at only £750.00. We are also offering a 20% discount for the first 50 readers from this article to purchase the service. The Rapide could make the difference in helping you avoid significant cyber security risk that can cost huge financial sums to deal with after an event. Armed with this information, you will be better placed to make a data-informed decisions on that company.

Author - Dr Danny Steed, Head of Strategy, ReSolve Cyber

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