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What is hidden intelligence?

Posted: 29 Oct, 2018

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What is ‘hidden intelligence’?

Value is locked away in the thoughts, ideas and energies of your most costly resource, your employees.

Systems and processes calculate how businesses do and should perform, however, they also block and inhibit valuable intuitions, insights, opportunities and even genius, which when actioned are frequently transformational.

Other blocks include organisation structures, chains of command, cultural norms and the fear employees perceive in raising concerns which may be viewed negatively by superiors, for example, in challenging ‘the way things are done around here’.

Futility is also an inhibitor. If employees are courageous and do raise issues appropriately they may not be taken seriously, so why bother?

Boards seldom see the hidden intelligence and value creating opportunities employees withhold.

When hidden intelligence is made visible, however, a very different perspective of what is happening, and what could happen, from inside your businesses becomes apparent.

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