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Reiner 'Rob' Bonsmann
Rob Bonsmann is the founder of Neoteric Solutions and is an expert in operational improvement in the UK and internationally.Rob specialises in developing and implementing plans to deliver business results with improved returns, improved operational performance and improved customer experience in the shortest possible time scales.As an expert in operational opportunity management, competitive productivity strategy, operational performance audits and planning, and operational scaling-up with process redesign, Rob helps to make significant positive changes in organisations' operations.He has worked with a range of organisations in engineering & project management, chemicals, science and materials development, automotive and advanced manufacturing including major projects in UK, USA, Germany, Mexico and Turkey.He has written papers and speaks on topics such as leadership development, operational differentiation, operational client on-boarding, lean scale-up for start-ups and SMEs, and on productivity & efficiency.Rob has a BA in engineering from TU Clausthal, MSc in engineering from University (RWTH) Aachen and an MBA from Henley College/Brunel University. He has also been a visiting lecturer at Bristol Business School.