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27 Feb

A Brief Guide to the Alternative Finance Market

TMA asked me to write a piece on Alternative Finance

2017 saw the continued emergence of Alternative Finance as more new lenders entered the market. It is difficult to believe the rapid rise of Alternative Finance which, according to UK Finance’s...

19 Feb

London February – Cyber overview by Andrew Pepper TMA UK President

I am delighted to summarise the last element of our recent TMA London event which I chaired. Whilst our guest list was 150 people I know that lots of our wider membership would have loved to have been in the audience to hear about Cyber Risk to...

15 Jan

TMA UK Annual Review / Preview Event - Huge Success!

I am delighted that the first TMA meeting of the year took place at GVA and was hosted by Ros Goode. With standing room only, our 100 plus guests were obviously concerned that they might have been bored…they had little to worry on that score.


10 Jan

TMA UK Welcomes its Newest Sponsor

Andrew Pepper - TMA UK President welcomes ReSolve Capital as its newest Sponsor.

ReSolve Capital is a private, London-based investor that provides support and investment in the form of capital and operational expertise to companies in unique...

09 Jan

TMA UK President’s Welcome - Why you should join in 2018!

Shock decision - Business as Usual

In terms of politics, these could be described as dark days for the UK. Perhaps it was the relentless years of austerity that fostered, in some, a disenchantment with Europe? We watched, as wild stories gained...

15 Sep

TMA West Midlands September Event

On 13 September 2017 the board of TMA West Midlands was entertained to a Presentation by Lord Maurice Glasman on the impact and implications of Brexit.  Entitled “From Brexit to Where?” it foretold the journey the country will take as Brexit...

13 Sep

TMA London Event - Jenni Hallam on Empowerment and Business

I was delighted that Jenni Hallam could present last week at our TMA London Evening. We had over 100 acceptances to the event held at Fieldfisher’s offices. Jenni is a well-known empowerment and motivational speaker who works a lot in the business...

12 Jul

Lord Anthony St John speaking at TMA UK London Conference

Anthony Tudor St John, 22nd Baron St John of Bletso is a British peer, politician, businessman and solicitor. He is one of the ninety hereditary peers elected to remain in the House of Lords after the House of Lords Act 1999. He speaks on African...

11 Jul

Varda Shine speaking at TMA UK London Conference

Varda Shine is a non-executive director, CEOs mentor and Diamond & Business Advisor. Over a 30-year career in the diamond industry with De Beers (leading to CEO position at De Beers Trading Company, De Beers mid-stream business with an annual...

06 Jun

TMA UK welcomes Fieldfisher as its newest Sponsor

Fieldfisher is a European law firm with market leading practices in many of the world's most dynamic sectors.  The firm has a particular focus on technology, finance and financial services and energy and natural resources.  Our restructuring...

TMA news

27 Feb, 2018

A Brief Guide to the Alternative Finance Market

TMA asked me to write a piece on Alternative...

19 Feb, 2018

London February – Cyber overview by Andrew Pepper TMA UK President

I am delighted to summarise the last element of...

Sponsor news

27 Feb, 2018

Is plastic on the way to extinction?

In December 2017, our Consumer Markets team issued several predictions for the retail, dining...

22 Feb, 2018

How has Turnaround changed over the last ten years?

The TMA asked me to consider what has happened over the last ten years so far as concerns...


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