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Posted: 03 Nov, 2022

TMA UK are delighted to be supporting Jenny Oldfield, former TMA UK board member raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer UK - Silent Auction - find out more!

Survival for pancreatic cancer has barely improved in the last 45 years. Pancreatic cancer is often diagnosed late because symptoms are vague, and may not appear until the disease is at an advanced stage. People often have to go back to their doctor with symptoms several times before they are referred for tests, which means they experience unnecessary delays in diagnosis and have to wait too long for treatment to start.

Alongside this, there are very few effective treatment options for pancreatic cancer, and many people are too unwell when diagnosed to undergo treatment. 7 in 10 will receive no active treatment and 9 out of 10 people with pancreatic cancer are diagnosed too late for surgery, the only treatment that can potentially cure the disease.

By 2026, more people will die from pancreatic cancer than from breast cancer.

Around 10,000 people a year are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but it has the lowest cancer survival rate with around 9,000 dying every year.

Despite being a common cancer and having the poorest survival rates, only 2% of the annual UK cancer research budget goes into pancreatic cancer. There has also been little prioritisation of pancreatic cancer by Governments across the UK and within national cancer strategies.

Jenny is raising money for pancreatic cancer UK by auctioning a "handmade one off" guitar specially made in the bespoke pancreatic cancer charity colours.

If you would like to make a bid please see details below.

Jenny will be at the TMA UK annual conference on Thursday 17th November with said "guitar" so, why not pop over to the registration desk to say "hi" and perhaps place your bid!

Read Jennys story here 

If you haven't yet booked to attend the TMA UK Annual Conference please click here to make your booking.

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