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Posted: 13 Nov, 2018

My first 100 days as CEO of TMA have been storied. With each person I touch, each chapter I visit, and each initiative we roll out, I am reminded of the power of the Big Tent that is TMA. It is strong, and it is growing.

I continue to be motivated and inspired by the dedication of our members, the innovative thinking of our leaders, and the excitement of our NextGen professionals who are helping to shape the next chapter of TMA. This bodes well for the future of our organization.

In these first 100 days the groundwork for tomorrow has been laid, and the outward face of TMA is more powerful to our global professional community than ever before. The wins keep stacking up as plans for tomorrow grow ever bigger.

In October, we rolled out TMAWork, our version of WeWork exclusively for TMA members. Now our members can call our headquarters home. Several members have visited our office in Chicago and not only used our resources as their own but also connected with the Global team in ways they never did before. This TMA’s Big Tent starts at your Global home!

Then came TMA Talks, our 10-minute podcasts where our executive leadership, members, and industry leaders alike will share experiences and speak on timely topics that all members can benefit from learning about. And to elevate that experience, an edited transcript of each podcast will appear in the JCR. This TMA knows the power of communication!

When I began this journey, I promised that TMA Global would be each member’s guide, and in keeping with that vow, I’ve begun direct outreach to our members and leaders in their home chapters.

The Milwaukee group, a satellite of the Chicago/Midwest Chapter, taught me the power of local connectivity and engagement by and among TMA members.

The New Jersey Chapter showed me how bringing together multiple organizations statewide through networking and programming can win the day on awareness about the power of TMA because of the diverse body of professionals we encourage and support.

The Long Island Chapter reminded me of the power of localized support and how longstanding professionals and future leaders can gain much knowledge from each other.

The New York City and Chicago Chapters are leaders in diverse programming, outreach, and engagement, all critical learnings we will offer as a resource to chapters big and small as they strive to grow.

I will visit all chapters to partake in board meetings and programs, and will offer to hold town hall-style gatherings while I’m there. And from my learnings

we will create resources that our members and chapters will have at their disposal to aid in their paths to success, all with TMA Global at their side. The successes of these first 100 days show me that this must be so!

I am committed to education and our certification programming, and the successes there cannot be underscored enough. Opportunities abound because of the engagement of our members who are creating heightened awareness of our CTPs and the skill set they offer. The judiciary is becoming ever more aware of the critical tools available to them because of our programming materials, having a positive impact on our professionals. And for the first time in more than five years, TMA will have met its budget goals for certification. Impressive, powerful, TMA smart and strong!

The wins don’t stop with our North American chapters, however. In the JCR, we are introducing an international section dedicated to issues of global importance. Our international members, so engaged and excited, have committed to regular contributions, further reinforcing the power of this Big Tent and awareness that TMA Global is every member’s home!

The full power of TMA is just beginning to be unleashed. There is much more to do and many things to embrace, enhance, and explore. These first 100 days are just the beginning of the power of the Big Tent as this next chapter of TMA truly takes hold.


Scott Y. Stuart, Esq.

TMA Global CEO


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