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Message from TMA UK President

I am delighted to be writing to you as the incoming President of TMA UK. Having chaired the conference organising committee for two years and been involved for the previous three years I felt ready for this next challenge. 

I take over the role at a time when TMA in the UK has never been in better shape; member numbers up, number of events up and attendances up. We have had seven new directors join the board in the last two years. This helps ensure that we have energy and enthusiasm to continue to build the profile of TMA and its value to all our members. We have a strong and supportive group of corporate sponsors who appreciate the value of supporting us. But we can never take this support for granted and I am mindful that we always need to ensure we are delivering value for money. Of course, it is a two-way street and as in any voluntary organisation the more you put in the more benefit you will see.


I would like to pay tribute to our outgoing president, Andrew Pepper. He has driven us forward these last two years; his passion and charisma encouraging others to follow enthusiastically. He will be a tough act to follow, but I am confident with the team I have we will continue to build on the strong base he has established. I am delighted to hand over Chair of the Conference Organising Committee to Paul Davies of BTG Advisory LLP. We have accumulated a great deal of experience in what it takes to create a great conference and we will ensure Paul is able to leverage all of this. It is our showcase event, but we are equally proud of the growing and wide range of events held throughout the year, not only in London, but across the UK. I have already booked for the Birmingham event and look forward to making as many of the other regional events as I can in the coming year and meeting as many members as possible.


My mission is largely a continuation of Andrew’s namely to continue to grow the brand and profile of the TMA in the UK. We are a voluntary organisation and having been involved with various voluntary organisations throughout my career I know that TMA cannot always be the priority for members and sponsors, but every little helps. If you think you can help in some small way to increase the TMA profile please don’t hesitate to contact us; there is a virtuous circle that the more we all do, the greater the impact of TMA and in turn the more value members and sponsors derive from their association with it.


My request to you as members is to please make the effort to attend the events. Also bring someone along with you, we always welcome guests and prospective members. The events are of course intended to educate and entertain, but they are also designed to promote networking which is at the core of the TMA’s philosophy. Being part of the TMA will grow not only the TMA, but your own profile as well. Many connections have been made at TMA events that would probably not otherwise have happened – don’t be the one to miss out!


It is of course hard to look forward into 2019 without commenting on the wider economic and political environment we find ourselves facing. We all understand that uncertainty is rarely helpful but as an organisation, we have within our membership the skills and experience to help UK PLC navigate through these strange times. The ability to leverage a network as wide ranging and diverse as we have is a valuable asset that I would encourage you to remember and use. 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of my first (full time!) job at Stevenage branch of Barclays. As a confident (but largely clueless) teenager, my overwhelming thought is that throughout my career change has indeed been the only constant. Undoubtedly the speed and impact of change has accelerated even faster over these last ten years and identifying its impact on a given business or industry has become ever more complex. Yet sharing ideas and experiences will always help and TMA can play a vital role in this for all of our members.


In conclusion I wish you all a successful and rewarding year.


Peter Stevens, Head of Credit - SME Capital

More about TMA UK

The TMA is a truly global, member-centric organisation with almost 10,000 members worldwide in 20 countries.  We are proud to welcome members from all parts of the turnaround market, including accountants, hedge funds, private equity houses, lawyers, corporate finance specialists, valuers and banks and even unions and members of Her Majesty’s government. TMA UK is honoured to be sponsored by over 30 turnaround organisations and thanks go to our UK sponsors.

We offer our members over 30 events annually across the UK. The sharing of insights and the important learning that takes place at such events form a vital part of the TMA project.


EACTP is an established, independent organisation within European turnaround and recovery. It's certification process has been recognized by the European States and the European Commission as an independent, high class player providing thorough expertise serving the turnaround community.

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