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Hilco Valuation Services Europe

We are an industry-leading, full service asset valuation, advisory and sales practice that puts our clients at the heart of everything we do. Major financial institutions, investors and corporations throughout the world trust Hilco to provide the asset intelligence on which they depend for their most critical business decisions. Hilco Valuation Services Europe delivers both the global reach to access the right markets and the local multi-asset expertise and sector knowledge on site and on hand to deliver outstanding outcomes.

Rebecca Tjonis
Hilco valuation

The Hilco Global provides a suite of strategic services to help companies, their advisors and investors identify the value in business assets, monetize those assets either through acquisition or disposition, and leverage the assets to obtain debt or equity capital.

Services include:

  • Asset Appraisals, Enterprise Valuations and IP Valuations
  • Retail, Consumer and Industrial Inventory Monetization Services
  • Industrial Machinery and Equipment Acquisition and Dispositions Services
  • Real Estate Repositioning Services, Including Acquisition, Disposition and Lease Restructuring
  • Private Equity Investing
  • Bridge Loans to Facilitate Merger and Acquisition Transactions
  • Going Concern Retail Enterprise Acquisitions
  • Accounts Receivable Portfolio and Other Distressed Debt Acquisitions
  • Merger and Acquisition Advisory
  • Debt and Equity Placement
  • Retail Performance and Profit Enhancement Consulting

The Hilco Global is comprised of independent operating units, each specializing in one or more aspects of our complete business services package. Operating units are staffed and managed by teams of highly-skilled, experienced men and women, all of whom share an unwavering commitment to quality service, the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity, and to the achievement of successful results.

Hilco Global is the holding company for The Hilco Global. It provides platform services to the business units, including legal and accounting, marketing and capital. In addition, Hilco Trading delivers the discipline of a parent. While each business group has its own personality and talents, Hilco Trading oversees performance to ensure a level of service consistent with Hilco's elevated standards.