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Are you in a stressed business situation? I will help you with a turnaround or exit. I’m NOT an insolvency practitioner; I’m an equity investor in SMEs in financial stress or distress. I’ll take a stake in your business or buy you out. Either way, bid the distress goodbye!

Marek Niedzwiedz

Marek Niedzwiedz
International House
64 Nile Street
N1 7SR
United Kingdom

My passion lies in investing in special situations. My experienced team and I work with business owners across various industries in the UK. Whenever possible, we aim to preserve your legacy. If that's not feasible, we can provide an alternative to the costly and time-consuming insolvency process by buying you out. Contact me to explore the available options for you and your business. I have over two decades of leadership experience encompassing start-ups, growth, turnarounds, fundraising, and transactions. My expertise lies in cultivating a deep understanding of the intricate connection between operations, growth strategies, and finance, positioning me as a valuable asset in driving organisational success.