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World's Leading Hands-On Turnaround Investor in Blue-Collar SMEs | Aspiring Advisory Board Member | Contributor @ Forbes and Entrepreneur.com

Marek Niedzwiedz
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Marek Niedzwiedz
International House
64 Nile Street
N1 7SR
United Kingdom

Meet Marek, also known as the Turnaround Shogun, who is well-known for turning around struggling businesses. He brings over twenty years of experience as an entrepreneur, having started up new ventures, grown existing businesses, guided companies through tough times, and successfully completed five business exits. Currently, Marek invests in and helps to improve small and medium-sized blue-collar businesses in the US, UK, and beyond. His goal is to help these companies realize their full potential and achieve long-term success. Marek's approach to business success is built on a strong understanding of how to effectively run operations, plan for growth, lead teams, and handle the financial details. He strongly believes in the power of people to transform businesses.