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Metis Partners is a leading global IP valuation firm with a 20-year track record of helping clients better understand the nature and value of IP assets such as brands, software, patents, technology, know-how and trade secrets. We provide the all-important IP insight and narrative that the C-suite, lenders, investors, and acquirers need to hear - the story of the critical IP in a business and to what extent it is protected, managed and valued; how it underpins growth, helps to protect market share, and secures future cash flows.

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Stephen Robertson
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33 Lynedoch Street Glasgow G3 6AA

Metis Partners was set up in 2003 by founder and CEO, Stephen Robertson, and in the time since, we have grown to become an expert team of lawyers, accountants and technical specialists with over 50 years' experience in IP valuation and IP management working from offices in Glasgow, UK and San Diego, California.

One of our key offerings is providing IP Valuation services and our valuations are relied on by restructuring & bankruptcy advisers, corporates, investors and lenders.

Maximising the financial recovery for creditors and ensuring compliance with statutory obligations is vital in bankruptcy and corporate recovery situations and we have a proven track record of helping insolvency practitioners achieve both of these goals in dealing with IP assets. We assist both pre and post-insolvency, and our specialisms include supporting pre-pack negotiations and assisting with cases where there is buyer interest in an insolvent company's IP assets. To date, we have recovered £tens of millions for creditors from the sale of IP assets from insolvency and have provided IP valuation advice in hundreds of cases, making us the market leaders in the UK and Europe and growing our reputation in the US.

In corporate restructuring scenarios, where IP assets are typically undervalued, we work with lenders and their advisers to help them take new security over valuable IP assets (such as brands, patents, software and trade secrets). We also advise on how to leverage these critical IP assets in different corporate structures including SPVs and bankruptcy remote vehicles, helping to create some "breathing space" in a restructuring scenario.


Stephen Robertson
CEO & Founder stephen@metispartners.com +1 858 848 6911
Metis Partners Inc
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