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Join our Mentoring Scheme a free confidential member only service

24 January, 2024
Mentoring Use

We invite applications from budding mentors and mentees to join our brand new mentoring scheme. This free, confidential member only service is open to all.

If you are not far into your career you can still mentor a student or starter.

If you are well into your career but new to restructuring, you can be a mentee.

Mentoring is about guidance, advice and is given to aid the growth and development of fellow professionals. We guarantee that it will give to you just as much as your mentee receives.

To date we have successfully paired up over 18 mentees with suitable mentors that fill their requirements and have received some great feedback, just read the testimonials below:

Paul Davies Mentor wrote“When the opportunity arose to join the TMA mentoring system, I jumped at the chance to become a mentor. It is a pleasure to pass on my experience to a new TMA member and help guide them through the profession where I can, offering advice and counsel where requested. It is extremely rewarding to know you have had some involvement when your mentee is doing well and moving their career forward. I would urge anyone seeking to be either a mentor or looking for a mentor in the profession to contact the TMA and get paired up”

Philip Smith Mentor wrote- “It’s been very humbling to pass on lessons from my own experience and to give guidance and advice to my mentee. They are now thinking about how to shape their career to play to their strengths and what interests and motivates them. We have some short-term goals and are developing medium-term objectives. Mentoring is not a short-term assignment and we have agreed how to ensure we have regular touch points. Its also not a one-way street and I am getting some interesting insights into the world of the next generation. This is a very rewarding way to give back to the community and it is not that time intensive”

Anonymous Mentee wrote“The TMA’s Mentoring Scheme has been invaluable. It has afforded the opportunity to engage with a world leading Chief Restructuring Officer on a regular basis in a context that enables open and honest dialogue. The guidance that my mentor has shared is drawn from over 20 years of international experience. Given the practical nature of the turnaround sector these insights have proven truly invaluable. Overall, the TMA’s Mentoring Scheme has been extremely beneficial and I would encourage anyone considering applying to do so”

If you would like to become either a Mentor or a Mentee please email kdarlaston@tma-uk.org I will then send you the appropriate form to complete and return.