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Alan Tilley
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23 Austin Friars, London EC2N 2QP

Over 25 years experience in Turnarounds in UK and Europe following 18 years operational management at CEO level and 11 years professional accounting in UK and France with Arthur Andersen. UK Turnaround Manager of year 2010 and TMA international turnaround of year 2011 and TMA Europe 2015. Founding director of TMA Europe, past President TMA UK and VP International Relations TMA Global. MD Glass and Associates Europe 1997-2007. Formed BM&T LLP in 2008. Acted on several cross border restructurings: * CRO of Pelikan Hardcopy International in Switzerland UK, Germany France, Sweden. * CRO of Clark Material Handling in Germany Spain and France. * President of Bio Tek International in Italy UK Germany and France. * Advisor to investors on Peguform France and Peguform Bohemia. * Advisor to various stakeholders on the restructuring of Collins & Aikman Europe. Advisor to Dura Europe. CRO of award winning La Seda de Barcelona 2009 -2010. Past President EACTP and a Certified Turnaround Professional.