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• A Senior Global Leader with approximately 15 years of industry experience in Business Development & Partnerships, Portfolio & Alliances, Portfolio Management, Sales & Marketing, Presales and Vendor/Channel Management • A Senior leader, with experience in providing strategic leadership at the global level , an entrepreneurial outlook & with sound knowledge of Microsoft Products, services & entire ecosystem . • A leader who is having strong interpersonal skills, innovative, ambitious, curious, energetic, passionate, pragmatic, and result-oriented yet humble & rooted to the ground, who acts as a differentiator with exceptional team output and performance. • Certified by Shri Shoji Shiba, an international expert in Total Quality Management(TQM), a Deming prize winner in an individual capacity, for my abilities to jump into the fish bowl and swim with fishes • Incase you are looking for a Dynamic CEO, contact me at achahar.sln2024@london.edu

Ashok Chahar
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ashok Chahar
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