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My Ad Agency handled database marketing for major UK brands over a 15 year period. We use that expertise to engage with customers. In the Community with West Midlands Police currently an ACPO best practice case study. And in business building trust based relationships supported by needs analysis using customer feedback to drive internal change.

Nick Brown
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nick brown
82 Great North Rd,
United Kingdom

Nick is a Physics Graduate, PE1 Level Chartered Accountant, who found himself running a London based Ad Agency in his mid 20's that scaled quickly. Unserstanding the Emotional and Rational sides of brands and relating that back to interpreting datasets and driving change has been very interesting. Nick went to London Business School, and worked studied Economics with Sir James Ball, and Change Management with Gary Hamel. He has been putting that thinking into practice for 25 years. Nick is the Author of Thrive and Survive in Business , and is currently completing a book about our National debt, that explores our personal and National decision making, building on Carol Dweck's excellent book Mindset. It is called The Crime of the Century - The Fraud on our children, and makes the case for Ground up Change over Top down Control. Published by the Bruges Group.