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About With over 30 years commercial experience in the energy sector, the vast majority in the gas business, where my focus is now on biomethane and a sustainable transition. I have lived through the major changes that have transformed the gas market in the UK and Europe during that period. I have managed gas contracts, negotiated major gas purchases, managed joint ventures, resolved major disputes and experienced the stress of major litigation culminating in the House of Lords. I have been a director of a number of companies and not just in the UK, but in Romania and Ireland also. My geological background and direct experience of working as such makes me a formidable combination of commercial experience and technical insight which comes in useful when dealing with gas producers. In addition I have managed teams of people and carried out origination, strategic and softer marketing roles with direct responsibility for P&L and budget control. I have managed two gas marketing start-ups; PetromEnron Gas SRL (in Romania) and RWE Trading (Ireland) Limited. Since the collapse of Enron I have also acted as a turnaround director for Teesside Gas Transportation Limited, RSL Com Germany and a number of Lehman Brothers' subsidiaries amongst others. Specialties: I have expertise in biomethane, energy markets, market entry, start-ups, contracts, contract negotiation and renegotiation, restructuring and dispute resolution. I undertake origination and business development activities. My core skills are in gas and power and geographically I have worked directly in the UK, Ireland, Benelux and Romania and other parts of South East Europe. I combine a strong commercial back ground in energy commodities with a firm understanding of technical and legal issues.