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BREAL Zeta Industry Focus Paper – Steel 2023

18 January, 2023
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Welcome to the third in our series of BREAL Zeta Industry Focus Papers, ‘Recasting Steel – The Changing Role of the UK Steel Industry’, which features perspectives from our team and a distinguished panel of expert contributors.

Steel is a critical component in every aspect of our lives; it underpins our infrastructure and the countless downstream markets and supply chains it supports. Yet it is an industry under immense pressure.

This paper does not seek to play down the enormity of the challenges facing the UK steel industry today. We publish against a stark backdrop of ongoing uncertainty with soaring energy prices, slowing export demand, intense competition and calls for reduced carbon emissions dominating the headlines. At a time when Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is contemplating a £300m support package to help Chinese-owned British Steel protect the blast furnaces in Scunthorpe, this paper is a must-read.

Download the Industry Focus Paper, ‘RECASTING STEEL – THE CHANGING ROLE OF THE UK STEEL INDUSTRY’ for the latest sector insights.

The full paper covers important industry issues such as:

  • Key drivers of supply and demand for the UK steel industry
  • Insights into the scale of UK infrastructure investment
  • The impact of spiralling energy prices on the sector
  • Green steel – the challenges of moving to net-zero
  • The role of Government in supporting sector sustainability
  • How ABL has come to the fore in funding steel businesses

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