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Career ReSolve:Restructuring Edition with Andrew Pepper

19 June, 2023
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Meet Andrew Pepper, Partner and Head of Restructuring at ReSolve

We recently spoke with Andrew Pepper for our Career ReSolve podcast, where we have been exploring the rising talent and noteworthy accomplishments across our business.

Andrew specialises in restructuring and turnaround for distressed businesses and boasts over three decades of experience in high-level restructuring and turnaround roles, including within the partnerships of BDO and Kroll Zolfo Cooper, and at Hilco Capital as COO.

For this special restructuring edition, David Riddle, COO at ReSolve, interviews Andrew, going beyond the typical ‘day in the life’ questions and delving deeper into the current economic climate and how this is impacting businesses and the types of jobs coming through our door.

Listen to the conversation below where Andrew answers the following questions:

  • How did you find your way into restructuring? (Jump to :38 to listen)
  • Our Corporate Health Report released earlier this year found unexpected optimism amongst business advisors, citing opportunities for organic growth and M&A. Does this finding correlate with the jobs you are seeing today? (Jump to 02:45 to listen)
  • Looking at the respondents to that survey, or the market generally, who see restructuring, refinancing or cost reductions in their outlook, what is the first piece of advice you would give them? Who should they be talking to? At what point in their journey should they be looking for professional advice? (Jump to 04:30 to listen)
  • Is there a difference in the Boards you are working with today versus a few years ago or in a typical recession? (Jump to 06:40 to listen)
  • What advice would you give the next generation looking to get into this line of work? (Jump to 10:00 to listen)

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