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TMA NOW Business Planning Event

18 May, 2023

On 4th May, TMA NOW held a breakfast session, led by Business Coach and Consultant, Julie Gotlieb who gave an insightful session into the benefits of business planning and sharing her new model to support planning your career.

Touching on each of the aspects in her model, we learnt how having aspirations that challenge and stretch us, whilst being realistic about our strengths and potential barriers to achieving them, will ensure we have clarity of vision and are ambitious to work towards achievable goals. She emphasised the importance of thinking creatively and strategically, having a sponsor and prioritising our own progression to maximise our success. 

As Julie guided us through the model, we had the opportunity to discuss our personal experiences and views with other delegates. Many of the group found this challenging to outwardly reflect, but it was insightful and a great opportunity to begin putting Julie’s guidance into action. 

Clare Kennedy, a Partner & Managing Director from AlixPartners, then spoke about her experiences and what advise she would give to the group of women as we progress through our careers. Clare emphasised the importance of ensuring we keep our overall ambition in mind, whilst remaining flexible in our journey there. There may be small barriers that slow or change our route to our end goal, but understanding this and remaining focused will support our growth. 

Clare and Julie closed by answering questions from the group. This was a great opportunity for attendees to get first hand advice as to how we can accelerate our careers. Thanks to Julie and Clare for their helpful insights.


The session also allowed for networking between women across the restructuring community, offering the chance to make new connections and learn from each other’s experiences.