TMA Bristol - September 2023

Redefining what constitutes the ‘future viability of a company’ as the combined effect of the climate and biodiversity crises moves from theory, into lived experience, with environmental and social challenges now core value propositions and board room issues.

Simon Bailey and Prof. Simon Pringle will challenge, encourage, and inspire you about your role in navigating change and explore the ways in which a complex variety of dynamics influence the future value and purpose of organisations.

In addition, you will benefit from the opportunity to network with other professionals interested and engaged in the Turnaround world.

The ability for organisations to create value, protect value and manage risk is under increasing pressure from a combination of regulatory and commercial drivers. The business models and value propositions of organisations are under scrutiny from investors, customers, and wider stakeholders. As the combined effect of the climate and biodiversity crises move from theory into lived experience, environmental and social challenges have evolved into core board room issues.

Nowhere is this more significant than for businesses that are in recovery or turnaround. The potential for leadership teams to drive change and recover value is being challenged by a combination of existing business dynamics and the backdrop of an ever more turbulent world.

Drawing upon their shared experience of leadership, growth and resilience, Simon Bailey and Prof. Simon Pringle will place a focus on the role of leadership in navigating change and creating positive outcomes. They will explore the ways in which a complex variety of dynamics influence the future value and purpose of organisations. Participants can expect to be challenged, encouraged, and inspired.

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26 Sep 2023 18:00 PM - 21:00 PM PwC 2 Glass Wharf,
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About the speakers

Simon Bailey USE
Simon Bailey
Simon Bailey

Simon Bailey has spent 35 years in the field of leadership. Initially in the British Army for a decade, leading on operations and training in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Then in the primarily commercial and sustainability leadership domains, across sector and geography. Simon co-founded LSP Leadership in 2003, supporting clients as a leadership coach and designing interventions for senior leaders, high potential talent and graduates, whilst building a consulting business with 70 associates globally.

Simon sees more clearly than ever, the necessity to work with leaders and their organisations to bring about an accelerated transition towards a regenerative enterprise, ecology, and society.

We are at a critical juncture, and we have a choice. Simon's observations are that people, and organisations, are in the main, slow to recognise our current imperative of the climate emergency/biodiversity loss and social inequity, and slow to realise the related commercial and personal opportunities that our transition to a regenerative economy can bring.

Simon see leaders and leadership as a key differentiating factor in this equation. Our ambition is to work with more leaders, at all levels, to increase their capacity and agency to lead this transition, starting with self, their teams, and the systems within which they operate.

LSP Leadership is on its own transition towards a regenerative organisation, in part through working towards net positive biodiversity and carbon sequestration, through our own UK land stewardship, as well as through our work with not for profits, partly through 1% for the planet membership, a change in our own Articles of Association to reflect the B Corporation standard, and in how we see our responsibility to engage our clients.

Simon holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business, York University in Toronto, a Diploma in Company Direction from the IoD, Simon is a Practioner of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (PIEMA). Simon is a ESQA qualified coaching supervisor (COCMS) and a graduate of the Regenerative Practioners Programme (Regenesis).

Simon Prinbgle USE
Simon Pringle
Simon Pringle

Professor Simon Pringle has 30 years’ experience in commercial strategy, innovation, and sustainability. He is an independent Coach and Management Consultant and was formerly Managing Director of Project Rome, a consultancy that worked with blue chip organisations, Private Equity firms and innovators across multiple sectors.

He served on the UK and Global boards of a large PLC and was a Partner at PIPC, an international change and turnaround firm. An Honorary Professor at the University of Edinburgh Business School, Simon is an Associate Fellow of Chatham House. He specialises in the alignment of sustainability and regenerative business models with commercial strategy, brand and reputation.

Educated at the University of Durham and Imperial College, London, he is a Fellow of the RSA and is a Director of Solutions for the Planet (a not for profit focusing on children’s innovation). He is co-founder of the Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission and was part of the team that evolved the Integrated Reporting framework.

He is author of the IMechE guide to commercialising clean technology and designed the CBI innovation model. Alongside his role on the board of the Leeds City Region LEP, he served on the UK’s Food Economy Task Force. Simon is on the advisory panel for Cranfield University and the Customer Engagement Groups for both Northern Gas Networks and Northern PowerGrid.

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